Don’t Worry About Getting Social Media Followers!

Don’t worry about how many followers you have on social media! You may have 10, 20,100 or perhaps just a handful of  followers. We all know this is not something to make you feel you have enough followers.

And to say the truth, it can be frustrating  to see that all your blogging efforts and link posting on social media cannot get you the amount of followers that you desire. 

Take a look at some social media accounts and you will see astonishing follower figures like;21k,51k,35k,etc. Are you familiar with these figures? I’m sure you are.

 These figures on social media accounts are not just those of celebrities,but they also belong to normal everyday people just like you and me.

So how did they do it? How did they gather so many followers to arrive at such figures? As with all things in life, it takes time to build followers-and here we are talking about real followers!

Forget about what you are told that you can get 300k followers in a matter of days. Things don’t go that way and follower accumulation doesn’t happen that fast. That is, unless you are a celebrity of course.

 But this shouldn’t discourage you in your quest for more followers. If you are discouraged or are getting discouraged with your blogging because you are not getting enough followers,then here is the good news:

“On social media there is simply no SHORTAGE of followers and there WILL never be any shortage of followers.”  Do you doubt it?

Well if you do then take a look at the following figures below that shows the number of active users on the four most widely used social media platforms on the internet. Take a look at this DMR statistics report 

..Facebook—-1.86 billion
                                            ..Instagram—600 million
                                            ..Twitter—–317 million
                                             ..Pinterest—150 million

When you look at these figures, are you still discouraged? Do you think your blog has a shortage of readers, followers and likes? I don’t think so.An opportunity like this is open for your blog. If you feel discouraged with your blogging, then take a look at the figures again.

While you look at the figures imagine yourself having at least 1% percent of followers from Facebook’s 1.86 billion active users. Then add 1% percent of followers from Instagram’s 600 million users and then go on to do the same for Twitter and Pinterest.

Whatever blog content you have can reach any audience on social media and can attract any following. The social media enviroment is vast and holds limitless opportunities for your blog posting efforts.This means that you need not worry about who will follow you, who will unfollow you,who will like you and who will unlike you. 

The one thing you need to do is to keep on creating fresh and exciting contents. Contents that will make people excited about following you and liking you. So now that  you know how vast the social media enviroment is, should you still be worried about getting followers? I don’t think so.

      Tip:Don’t look for followers, get 

              them excited to follow you!

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10 thoughts on “Don’t Worry About Getting Social Media Followers!

  1. The same with Denise. In the early stage of blogging, i found myself wasting many hours building followers, then I realize for what? It is better to create fresh and engaging content and get readers excited than having number of followers does not care what I do. I rather have 10 followers knowing they are interested in my blog than thousands of them does not care my blog.

    Just a heads up here: Pinterest is not a social media platform, it is a search engine. I did not know this until two weeks ago.

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    1. Thanks for your comment infact getting followers for the numbers while it helps, doesn’t give you authentic followers who will stay all the way with you. In the end the few who really stick are better than the many who come and go.

      Pinterest works like a social media platform but in reality is more of a search engine.
      But ask anyone and they will tell you it’s a social media platform.

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      1. Yes I have seen people using Pinterest like they use IG, but it does not work that way. I think knowing Pinterest as a visual search engine will change the way we work on our pins – like I learned to add keywords into the description and titles than just share images.


  2. Dont Worry About Getting Social Media Followers!
    available, Dont Worry About Getting Social Media Followers!
    presently there! Folks, will often you should an expert illustrate the actual primary rationale and also the it does the job in my experience Immediately?
    Many-many thanks a ton!


  3. the same thing prob i was having once i started my work, having followers and numbers but then i knew that the message or content will bring them, very great article, thank u.


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