3 Awesome Tips For First Time Blogger


If starting a blog is want you want to do right now,then here is a word of advice:

“Don’t think of getting it right the first time, think of getting it out there!”

This is because starting something and getting it right the first time seems almost impossible. Sometimes it might just happen, but rarely does perfection come on the first appointment.

If you have just started your blogging journey by wanting to create your very first blog, then you’ve welcomed yourself into the blogosphere.

Your very first blog is what would be called your ‘introduction’ of yourself. And it may not be the best introduction.

It almost always looks like a timid  need to express yourself in a world where seasoned bloggers are constantly feeding a hungry audience with rich content-filled posts.

Now you are about to have your space in this world , not to compete with seasoned bloggers, but to offer your would-be audience practical solutions that would be of great value to them. 

And you are undecided and for this reason you are holding you back. But why?

For most people, deciding to start something is always a struggle.

They keep battling the idea of starting something in their minds but can’t seem to decide if they should go ahead or not. In the end they do nothing but hold back.

And holding back on starting something or a blog is equivalent to holding back on any of  life’s dreams.

If you are undecided about blogging, this could mean that you’re need to realize this dream is not strong.

Or as this article describes it,  everything is in your headThis is because,

“More often than not, the things we let hold us back are in our own minds. They aren’t actual physical roadblocks, rather mental or emotional mindset trips.

It might be the feeling of fear, feeling uncomfortable, letting others’ opinions affect our own decisions, or we might even be letting a lack of confidence hold us back.”

If you are dealing with such feelings  then you are doing what this next article considers as “Labelling Your Efforts”

This simply means as the article says that,

 “Any time you start something big or life-changing with labels like “not good enough” or “stupid,” you shut down your growth before you’ve even begun….

You have to let go of the labels and approach your experience with an open mind and heart. This is what allows you to create possibilities that are more and better than what you know.”

If you value your growth through the expression of your thoughts or the  expertise that you want to share in blogging,

then don’t allow your mind to trick you into believing you

are not good enough

that other people’s opinion matters more tha yours and

that you can’t be good if other’s don’t approve of it.

Approach blogging with an open mind and know that in starting ,

you won’t be good but that you can grow,

you won’t  be perfect but you can work towards perfection and that

for you to arrive at perfection means getting it out NOW! and not later or being bothered about how good it will be or what people will say or think about it.

So are you ready to start your own blog and why must you start?

Yes, you are ready to start your own blog and here’s the reason why. 

There are more than 150 million blogs on the internet and every day more and more blogs are coming out.

See the number of blog posts published daily. 

Just seeing those numbers alone should discourage you from starting your own blog, right?

But then think  of the average life span of a blog post.

Rarely does a blog post last as fresh content for more than a week. This means that before one blog post has ended it’s journey,

a new blog post should  be up and ready for the audience.

This goes to show that there is still a need for more and more fresh content.

Keeping the blog reading audience happy with fresh content means  you can also make your own blogging contribution.

What you must do

In life it is never too late to learn something new or start something new. All you need to do is to decide that you want to start a blog.



Now you may not be able to make up your mind right now about starting. But don’t worry ! Here are a just three tips to help you get started.

1) Just Get started!

Just get that blog started right away! What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for the sun to rise in the morning or for the moon to come out at night before you get started.

Don’t wait until you hear from me before you take the decision to start your blog. I might be on a sandy beach right now with my phone switched off! 

2) Don’t worry about perfection

With much knowledge comes perfection. Starting out is good. Waiting to get it all right before you start  is equivalent to not starting at all.

And you just have to start from somewhere. Understand that the laptop or mobile phone or tablet you are using were not made perfect on the first day.

Years of research and testing have all made them perfect.

3) Start with the knowledge that you have.

The ideas that you have for your blog is good for starting your blog. Once you start your blog you can expand on those ideas by gathering more information and learning more.

The internet is full of useful resources to help you develop your ideas in the direction that you want. So start with what you have.

The best part of it  all is, once you have started and published your first blog post, you can always update it to add newer content.

As a first time blogger it is necessary to take these first essential steps in getting your blog started.

Once you are able to get through this point then all you have to do is keep posting fresh content capable of keeping your audience excited.

Welcome to the world of blogging..Now it’s your turn to blog. Goodluck!

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