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Web and Security from Tips Galore will feature contents with a focus on security. With recent demands for Compliance and Data protection, with menaces from viruses and unknown cyber attacks,

knowing what is out there and how it works and what you can do to secure your data, website or blog is of the utmost importance.

While being a 100% secure is impossible, there are steps you can take, with knowledge from the information that you get here, to secure your good works from being ruined. When you put in so much time and effort to build something, seeing it go down due some security issues is heart-rending.

Time and money going down the drain takes away the willingness to continue as you feel your future efforts will also end up being compromised.

The reason? Sophistication

Yes, online attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and that means simple methods of hacking or common malware as you know them have evolved into more complicated structures whose origins are sometimes undetectable.

According to an article from this site

“One of the most significant trends we’ve seen in 2017 and early 2018 is the ongoing shift away from using malicious .exe files to package and deploy malware.” 

Avoiding the use of .exe files to deploy attacks mean that in some ways if an attack is being made, it must be done without the use of files. This method is what is termed “Fileless.” In the same article, we read that,

It’s become common to describe attacks that avoid the use of malicious executables as “fileless,”

Should you be worried? of course, you should! But this is part of the reality of the web as it is right now. And so having enough information and knowledge is essential. Here at Tips Galore, you may find just that.

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